tony baldwin

tony baldwin

Everything Linux: I've been thinking about making the switch from Mac OSX to Linux because I want to learn more about programming.


I’ve looked at Ubuntu and Linux Mint so far as they seem to be the best distros for beginners.

What does anyone who has experience with these two systems think? I’m also wary about switching completely over to a new OS, and I’ve heard that you can run Ubuntu alongside…

Ubuntu is decidedly NOT the best distribution for beginners. It needs an upgrade every 6 months that often requires a full backup and reinstall from install media, and half the time it’s updates break stuff. Linux Mint, Debian Edition would be a better idea, but, still, that one is based on Debian Testing, which means stuff can break. You want something stable, easy to manage, secure, with 1000s of packages, tonso dev tools, and plenty of opportunities to learn, and that never breaks? You want Debian Stable. I have installed Ubuntu for handfuls of n00bs, and all of them got frustrated and went back to their crappy windows. I have installed Debian for a handful of n00bs, and every single one of them is still happily using Debian. Board the Mothership: - often immitated, never equaled.

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