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tony baldwin

Hacking on TransProCloud

Today I spent some time hacking on TransProCloud.

It still has a long ways to go before it is fully functional, although, the provider and client management parts of the database have been functional for a while now.


Today I finally tackled the beginnings of the actual project management interface and database. I have the rudimentary framework for the financial aspects of the project management interface duct-taped together. There will be more work in this particular area to do yet.

Also, today I started to build the document management aspects, and have a lot of that squared away, now.

Still, the TODO list includes rounding out the financial aspect, polishing up the document management, and, I haven’t even started work on the assignments management and building in security. As mentioned on the site, I have my own test/dev installation and the demo installation locked behind an htpasswd wall, which works for now, but eventually I believe I will have to build a better user access system into the application.

In any case, I took advantage of a lull in workflow and did something productive. There’s still much work to be done, but I’m hacked out for the day. Soon I will have a working online/cloud translation project management system hacked together. Stay tuned!

Also, if anyone wants to lend a hand, of course, jump in and clone the git repo and have at it!

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