tony baldwin

tony baldwin


Still these corporate agencies seek discounts and beg for me to reduce my rates, while posting record profits…
I may have fell for that in 2008 and 2009 when the economy was circling the drain, but I can not do so today.

Another agency e-mailed me today with promises of endless regular work if I would cut my already quite reasonable rates.
Here is my response:

Everything is getting more expensive, friend. Food, utilities, rent, internet access, fuel…Everything. I’m not getting rich over here. I struggle to keep the heat paid in the winter. My car is 15 years old and falling apart. I rent, and do not own my home. I do not have medical insurance, and can’t afford appropriate health care.
Meanwhile, I see translation agencies posting record profits, CEOs with yachts and multiple homes and untold millions, CEOs who have worked no harder than I have, and, in many cases, less, while I struggle to provide for my family.
As such, I’m raising my rate this year. It will now be US$0.XX/word for editable documents (.doc, .docx, .odt, etc.), and US$0.XX for uneditable pdf documents, as well as rush/weekend projects. I will still grant a discount of 1¢/word for projects with volume over 10k words.
These rates are quite reasonable really. I know professionals no more qualified than I am who charge considerably more.
I am a highly qualified, educated, and experienced professional, not only as a translator, but as an experienced court interpreter, and as a software developer and webmaster. I have considerable skills. My services are in such demand, frankly, that currently I am turning away work on a regular basis, or I will have more than I can complete. I haven’t had a day off yet this year, in all truth. I work very hard, and the quality and complexity of the work I perform, requiring as it does considerable education and formidable skill, merits appropriate compensation. With the time and energy invested in my education and skills, it is inexcusable that my family live in squalor while corporate CEOs enrich themselves on the product of my labor. Clients can pay my worth, or look elsewhere.
Thank you for your understanding.


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