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Stuff I have Translated: Psychology and Linux SysAdmin stuff.

Right here you can download 15 academic psychology articles, in both, the original Portuguese, plus the English translations, for which I am responsible, all of which were published in the Spanish Journal of Psychology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

All of the translations are also available on the journal’s website, of course, but not with the originals. The download is a zip file, containing 30 pdf files, each article in both languages.

There’s some fascinating stuff in some of these (although some contain rather dry, statistical analyses and stuff that isn’t as fascinating, too).

Also, many of you already know that you can read the Debian Administrators Handbook on-line, of which I translated chapters 1-5 and 7-9 from French to English. (acknowledgements, in which my name appears).


As they are all published materials, I can divulge them, which, sadly, I cannot do with most of my work, being confidential medical materials, patent/IP related materials, contracts, and other matters all protected by NDAs and confidentiality agreements.

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amor nos quemará outra vez

ainda que o sol brilha nessa verão sem fim
e as noites nem se esfriam, deixando meu corpo
ferver numa piscina de soar na cama
onde posso ouvir você respirar
e ver seu corpo quente ao meu lado
com um fogo de desejos cursando as minhda veias
me sinto frio e nua
sem abrigo contra o vento sem miseracordia
e minha alma chora no silêncio da noite
chora de saudades, de dor inaguentável
para seus lábios
meu único remedio…

© tony baldwin - 29/07/2008

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